Carlos A. Dávalos B.

Insurgentes Sur 1766

Twitter: @davalos



Hi. My Name is Carlos Dávalos. Welcome to my personal site. I’m a freelance journalist, grad student, and beginner front-end web developer. I was born and raised in Mexico City, but I live in Austin, TX at the moment.

I’ve served as a college lecturer, TA, encyclopedist, editor, blogger, columnist, hard international news editor, radio host/DJ, and information analyst. I own a very small record label known as Discos Cuchillo.

Here you will find a selection of pieces that I’ve written, recorded and/or produced over the past decade or so. Please visit around.

This is my short CV:  CV.2017

Click here for my resume:  Resume.2017



Other Stuff:


BBC, The Source, FRENTE, VICE, No Ripcord, INDIE-O Music Awards, FILTER Mexico,, Círculo Mix-Up, RedBull-Panamerika, Farhenheit, Complot, Esquire, El Universal, Consideraciones (UNAM), El Fanzine, Sonika, Conozca Más, DF por Travesías, Origina, Marvin (Mexico), East Bay Express (US), Oaklandnorth (US), Oakland Tribune (US), High Country News(US), The Indypendent (US), Encyclopedia of Popular Music of the World (UK) and Pata de Perro (Nicaragua).


OTHER ACTIVITIES: Co-founder of “Discos Camaleon”. An independent effort to sell, distribute and exchange music through vinyl. Host “Manos En El Aire” – first independently produced TV show for Mexican hip-hop heads.