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Obla Di Obla Da – Double Session

Ph.D. Julia Emilia Palacios from Universidad Iberoamericana has been hosting Obla Di Obla Da for the past 11 years. She give me one of the first opportunities to talk about my records on a music radio show. This was some 11-12 years ago. These are some nostalgia sessions we did around Brazil and the World […]


Madvillainy by Madvillain – RADIO REVIEW

My homey Manuel Carrasco and I were invited to review Madvillain’s Madvillainy in its 10th anniversary for the #VintageSessions on Ibero 90.90 FM. Mexico City. Please enjoy: Vintage, 28-Jun-2014 (“Madvillainy” de Madvillain) by John Collalba Fm on Mixcloud



I’ve been hosting Scratchamama for the last decade (almost). This one of the latest shows:   Scratchamama, 08-May-2014 by John Collalba on Mixcloud